Of Waves and Wind

Back in Secondary school i believed the theory that winds causes waves for about 7 minutes.
The thought that hit me was sorta like “waves are heavy, often briefly defy gravity, and don’t leave vacuum underneath them. So how come? Winds are not (or shouldn’t be) strong enough to carry a much denser mass as all those gallons of water.
Anyway, I unconsciously accepted the theory and moved on with life. Until two weeks ago. I and a friend went for some time on the rocks with some sand and sea. And while we were both carried away by the crashing of the waves on the rocks beneath us, he blurted out the question “what causes waves?”. I was going to respond when he again blurted “definitely not wind! Can’t be wind!” And then he said something that struck me,”if the waves were that powerful then they should be able to lift us beach-goers every now and then”. With that I concur. “the sea has a mind of its own, just like everything in this world.” He ended.
So obviously he doesn’t accept the ‘Waves located on the ocean’s surface are commonly caused by wind transferring its energy to the water’ talk which does make alot of sense but not enough when you give it alot of thought.

Yea, waves of water do not move horizontally, rather up and down. So this up and down movement, how exactly does something from above make a mass move like that? Its almost like the force has to come from below instead, doesn’t it? Or am I the only one with this silly thought?
When next you go on a beach, see if you see what I see. Now i’m not sure about the sea having a mind of its own, but, well… Waves, they shouldn’t be able to do all that.


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