Of Black and White voices

Is it possible that one can differentiate between a white person and a black person just by listening to their voice?
I observed that I can tell while seeing a movie (and then being distracted by say work or a simple walk to the bedroom or kitchen) and left with only the audio if the person on the screen is either white or black. I can tell from a radio too. This is without them using certain lingo attributed to a particular race (So no ghettos or suburbs). Its about the two people of different skin colour (black & white) who have lived all their lives and their parents and grandparents have lived all their lives in a part of the western world where only standard English is the norm. One would then expect that there would be very little or no difference between them, right? Well, in movies, news, sports etc. You can almost always tell its an african talking or otherwise. How is that?

Give it a try, see if you can.


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