Africa: the world’s village

So I was seeing a movie last night that started pretty well.
Title: He’s just not that into you.
If you’ve seen this movie then you probably know where i’m headed. Probably. Notice the title of this post?
So in this movie, sets of ladies in different climes were involved in the same conversation: man trouble. One part was consoling the other who apparently had been stood up or abandoned by the ‘men of their dreams’. It was funny and realistic. The reasons they gave, the way it was given. Then the exact opposite happened (and this always happens in Hollywood), the unrealistic and totally not funny depiction. When it was the turn of African ladies in Africa to be depicted, they showed goats, blackened pots on open fires, and these barefooted ebonies talking about ‘hut numbers and lions’.

No men around (Except for grandpa walking aimlessly in the background and a boy on a log holding a stick). They had gone hunting of course. Or to the farm. Of course!
What is that always about?
Its like everytime they need to depict Africa it has to be a village..

like there aren’t any cities in Africa, like their are no office spaces, malls or swimming pools or parks or luxury hotels. It must be a savannah or jungle scene every time. There must be spears and bows and arrows and water pots. And lions and zebras and hippos. Or a hunk of a man clad in animal skin. Or a hunk of a man dressed up nicely but can’t speak good English.
And when there’s a joke about starving kids in Africa, aargh! Like they’re no starving kids all around the world. Farming and disease. No, none of those outside Africa. Corruption, that’s only in Africa too.
The other day, a friend I met online, an American, and one who “worships at my blog“, whatever that means, opened up to me about how he’s often amazed that I am actually African. “.. I don’t picture you as an African, even now..your sense of humour and all…” I remember him saying. Now he meant no harm, matter of factly, he was praising me. But after I thanked him I had to express myself. And then he opened up even wider. I wasn’t surprised when he said Hollywood and the news media had greatly influenced his perception of Africa, i was only glad I could convince one person. A couple of hundred million to go.

This perception is further driven by many African country’s leadership and other top installations being filled by elderly, illiterate, semi illiterate, and sometimes complete bushmen dressed in modern day clothes. They are the ones who get to be interviewed by international news media. And speak the ‘ayama afarikhan mahn from the Kotongu tribe’ kinda way. Ok, yea, a lot more people speak that way. But then every country has those people who speak in a funny way. Every country has those areas that are totally backward or ancient.  It should not be singled out as an African thing, we aren’t the world’s village.


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