Can we see the car please?

I’ve always looked on with scorn(Maybe a bit lewdly too) at the ladies who sit in, on and stand around the cars at Motor shows.
These skimpily clad ladies are similar to the ones that carry the boards to usher in the next round at Boxing Matches, but sometimes, they’re more, how do I put it, provocative. These shows are known for hosting rich fanatics, or more mildly put, car freaks, many of them elderly and susceptible to heart attacks and hypertension and stroke and high blood pressure.

Now, you put several sexy, scantily clad young women posing on the cars around a group composed of some elderly men with weak hearts. What are you trying to do, kill them?

According to Wiki: A motor show, is a public exhibition of current automobile models, debuts, concept cars, or out-of-production classics..
No where here were sexy ladies mentioned.

So when next you’re at a motor show, tell these ladies: “Excuse me, can we see the car please?”


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