Where are we headed?

So its seems rather obvious that some people want anarchy in the world. It also seems these people are all too ready for the showdown.

They’ve armed thier police, militarized them actually. They’ve — and this is the scary part — provided the final resting place for the thousands that will fall. Remember these?

They’ve been called burial vaults by individuals debunking the claim that these are coffins for soon to fall victims of a man made disaster. But theories abound as to why these are being stored near a major transportation hub, Atlanta, USA. Even more sinister is the establishment of American concentration camps, some of which are currently functional.

Suddenly a big race issue springs up. The terrorists attack in one hand. Even the Idris Elba as James Bond issue is hot enough to drive some folks out onto the streets to riot. You don’t think so? Ok, how about the French government allowing that publishing company go ahead to print as many as five million copies when obviously, extreemists will be very pissed. They couldn’t stop three people from killing seventeen, how will they stop hundreds?

And in Nigeria, the government isn’t even acknowledging the sheer terror in the north east of that country. Deliberately upsetting its citizens. Syria, Yemen, etc. Have already fallen.

However, The Department of Homeland Security has purchased over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. Remember that at the height of combat operations in Iraq, the U.S. Army only used 5.5 million bullets a month. So why do they need that many bullets if it is not preparing for some form of mayhem? I’m pretty certain other countries have taken similar steps

Preparation for mayhem that would usher in martial law can be seen in numerous guises: the killing of black young men being one. The very bizzare way in which most governments run as if intentionally pissing their citizens off. Terrorism too, as well as false flag operations. Oh, and the planned the release of Hitler’s Book.

 There’s the FEMA program which is training pastors and other religious representatives to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to “obey the government” in preparation for the implementation of martial law.

We might have to brace ourselves. Or I might just be nuts.


4 thoughts on “Where are we headed?

  1. Have to agree to disagree on this one, how can a government tell a private company to not print whatever they want to print in a free society. If that would be the case first it would not be a free society and second the terrorist win. That is why they kill, to scare the shit out of people into not living the lives they live in the western world. And I have to give it to the Frenchies, they did not back down and printed and sold more copies than ever that magazine. And to all the French people who knew they could be a target it they went to buy it and they still went to buy it. I live in Spain where we have the E.T.A a terrorist group,we have been living with these nut since at least 1975 when democracy started, my father has been targeted by them, I myself have literally fought this cowards in their terms I might add. Not like these cowards that kill innocent civilians.

    Point being, we can not stop living our lives the way we want because of them. If not they win, and that makes us a bunch of cowards. And as the saying says ” evil will exist as long as good men and women don´t step up to the plate” Which is actually a stupid saying since evil and that is what these Islamic terrorist are, evil, will always exist and you learn to live with it, fight it, (don´t have to grab a rifle for that just keep living your life with some precautions) and just live your live.

    So good for the Frenchies, they did not cave in to the terrorist unlike I might add and this pissed me off because I love the U.S, like those guys that made a movie about killing the North Korean leader and they got threatened and backed off . That is cowardly.

    If here in Spain, living with terrorism for 40 years….when they demand money from businessman, they demand that certain puclications don´t publish certain things, and the list goes on, what would be of us if we had caved into their demands?

    So fuck those cowards, bunch of nut cases, might as well join up and kill a few more. Have no problem with that. Not even animals do what they do, for me they are subhuman.


    • True, you have a point there. But how about a situation where the heartless extreemists then plan a major attack on the French people on their soil and outside? That is rather inevitable now that they went ahead and published the book. Now many muslim countries are protesting, innocent lives will yet again be lost in countries far from France for what has happened in France.
      The govt must have known that the decision would have a negative efffect that will gradually snowball.


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