Like Gary Oldman like myself

Just saw a story about Gary Oldman hiring a voice coach to relearn his native English accent. Yea, you read that right. He’s lived in the US for so long and played so many roles that he forgot how he was originally supposed to sound like. LOL

Reminds me of me. I was made to understand that as a toddler I could only relate in my local Yagba dialect from Kogi state – middle belt region of Nigeria. This was cos our house was packed with aunties and uncles who basically spoke the language. Dad was always at work and mum too. As the story went: dad came home one day and realized his son couldn’t say “welcome daddy” and instantly decreed that no one spoke Yagba to me from then on. Off with the head of any defaulter. Actually, it was off to the village for any defaulter.
Anyways, as it turned out, because of a clause in father’s decree; the from then on clause, I was subjected to a life with the English language 24/7. The result? I have been struggling to speak Yoruba and Yagba languages fluently for years now. There was this story about me back in 2009. Maybe if I had hired a coach it won’t have taken this long. I still struggle you see. So like Oldman, yea, stuff happens.


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