Michael Angelo was Gay!

Now thats the ugliest gay person i ever saw.

Well, there are no documents to confirm it, but simply looking at his male statues, one would notice they’re completely different from other master sculptors’ of the same period.

The details were passionately outlined but in the case of female sculptures, well, he either sculpted statues of mothers or females that looked male.

It is said that he regularly employed male models even for his female figures. The women are distinguishable from the men sometimes only by their longer hair in most of his famous paintings.
The beauty of most of his monumental male nudes, such as the David, the Creation of Adam and the decorative male nudes, Ignudi, on the Sistine ceiling, gives a clear indication as to where Michelangelo’s erotic interests lay. (There’s the drawing of two men kissing in the Sistine Chapel).

In the early 1530s Michelangelo was in a relationship with his much younger model Febo di Poggio. He calls Febo “that little blackmailer,” because Febo adopted Michelangelo as “my honorary father” and steadily demanded money, clothes, and love-gifts from him.

In 1532, Michelangelo was in love with a young Roman man, Tommaso de’ Cavalieri. This young man got married in 1538 and had two sons, but Michelangelo remained devoted to him, he even dedicated numerous poems and several presentation drawings to Tommaso.

In November 1545 Pietro Aretino — himself a known homosexual — viciously attacked Michelangelo’s “godlessness” displayed in the naked youths of the Sistine Chapel and said quite explicitly: “Even if you are divine, you don’t disdain male consorts.” And then went on to identify two of these boyfriends, Gherardo Perini and Tommaso Cavalieri, nicknamed “Tomai“.

Michelangelo had a reputation for homosexuality among his contemporaries. In a letter to Niccolo Quaratesi he humourously recalls how a father described his son to him in the hopes of the boy becoming the artist’s apprentice: “Once you saw him, you’d chase him into bed the minute you got home!


Well, I guess he was gay. Ugly, but gay.




Photos: Google


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