I’m a King dammit!

So what am I a King for? What do I have a crown and throne for? A castle for? If I can’t drive how and/or where I want? Its my life and I’m King. I need a time machine, lets go back a few hundred years and let me see you try to tell a king what to do. What insolence! Such repugnant attitude from peasant kingdom workers.
My kingdom!

Can you just imagine! Addressing a King’s actions as “completely unacceptable and completely irresponsible“? I should have you hanged!

So, usually, royal traffic offences are normally dealt with hush-hush-ly (what? a king can use grammar however he wants), but police on this occasion asked him for an explanation… publicly. Well, he probably wasn’t wearing his crown and robe. And he was driving. Kings don’t normally transport themselves. So maybe they didn’t know he was…
Other drivers complained about being stranded as their king-to-be drove off unhindered and escorted, an apology was promptly delivered.
An apology?? How dare they!?…
Wait, he’s not King yet? Oh.

But still, the people of that Denmark clearly do not respect royalty. Remind me to never head there on a tour. Wait, do they make my Dannish biscuits?


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