So was the devil aware?

Yea, Jesus was nailed to the cross as all those people asked for his head. Now let’s turn to the devil: Satan, the guy saddled with the responsibility of ruining everything good. This guy obviously knows alot of stuff. He’s a spirit being, shared similar characteristics with other heavenly beings, so yea, he knows alot of stuff.

But did he know about the resultant effect of Jesus’ death? If he did know, why didn’t he do anything about it?

If Jesus wasn’t allowed to die. Maybe the cross was stolen, or Pontius Pilate thought, hey “f all of you, he’s staying!“. Or lets say he got nailed but then thought to himself “wait a minute, I am Gods begotten son! I ain’t gonna take this! Father, I change my mind“. Or lets rewind to the point right after his forty days and night fast. What if Satan was like “Yo! ye should have yourself a juicy bread made from these rocks. Thou art Gods son, thou should eat. Thou has the right and the power to eat.”
And Jesus was like “hey thanx! I totally forgot I could do that.”

You know, if he had stopped Jesus’ death somehow then we wouldn’t be saved and he, Lucipher, would’ve had the upper hand. If he didn’t know this, then how come he didn’t know?


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