Leave my oil underground?

If I had a beautiful garden and some community leaders come over and say to me
after your next harvest or the harvest after the next, you shouldn’t plant anymore vegetables in your garden.”
Firstly, I’d just stare at them for a while then blurt out %?!£¿!

If they then say
look, its for your good as well as ours. We’ve instructed same to some of the houses. In coming years there’s going to be a huge locust problem if we don’t adhere to this new rule.”

Well, then I’d just shrug and say “OK, i will, we don’t want no locust problems“.

But of course, if you can’t see me working my garden then in my garden I will be, working it, season after season. Who are you to tell me what to do with my land?

And that’s exactly what would happen when leading scientists, enviromentalists, OPEC and all the world’s leaders try to push the law that says oil producing nations should leave some large amount of their oil underground.

Vast amounts of oil in the Middle East, coal in the US, Australia and China and many other fossil fuel reserves will have to be left in the ground to prevent dangerous climate change, according to the first analysis to identify which existing reserves cannot be burned, the research said. Fossil fuels should remain unused if we are to keep within the 2C temperature limit.
As it stands, the world is heading for a catastrophic 5C of warming and the deadline to reach a global climate deal is at a UN summit holding in Paris way in December.

Lets see how that works out.


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