What’s with that? Its just fat!

Disclaimer: its a bit lewd down there.

So I was thinking (like I always do), this time about butts. No, wait relax, it’s not what you think. You know what? Maybe it is.
I was just wondering why they get so much attention, these butts. This afternoon at lunch here in my favorite Sam’s Barbeque, we were, well, they were watching soccer highlights, I was watching the twenty two persons go back and forth with the ball. Now I know guys well enough to know that when it comes to soccer, nothing is more appealing. Let me rephrase that: I thought I knew guys well enough to know that when it comes to soccer, nothing is more appealing. This lady with butt the size of two oversized soccer balls rolled in. I use the word ‘roll’ because… i guess you know. From her face you could tell something was going on behind her, it shone with pride. Her butt followed some two seconds later and the fellows on the screen from then on only analysed to themselves. A new kind of back and forth game was grabbing everyone’s interest. Those who hadn’t noticed her were quickly and unconsciously brought to reality, or out of it, as it were, by their friends. Transfixed gazes all around the place, even female waiters looked on in awe, or maybe it was envy. If i had let myself be carried away too then this post wouldn’t have had any details. I would’ve probably written something along the lines of “i saw a lady today, with two moons behind her” and that would be it.
So as the masses moved like jelly through the tables and past us, I really couldn’t help but join in. And as I did I realized we were all just staring at masses of fat, nothing more. “Its just fat covered with thin layer of muscle, veins, and skin. Yucky stuff. Why should it be appealing?” I asked me. Its two pockets of skin full of fat! Just look at that, there’s nothing…

My goodness, look at that! I mean…
There’s beautiful skin all over but the portions full of fat are where our eyes stick to? Why? … Whoa! I mean why?How does that..how does that..how… How does that w..work? I thought fat was …damn!… I thought fat was..ba..bad? Look at that! Its just fa..fat..just fat. Just fat I tell you, nothing….nothing more. I feel so hot right now, and the windows are open. Damn global warming!



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