Humans have lost it!

When you spend time on social media you realise that the earth has lost its earth-hood. We shouldn’t bother calling it earth anymore. Just the world would do. People have lost it, animals have lost it, even natural systems have lost it. But the people on this round floating object of ours are the main culprits. Many of us beings now act like something’s missing from our heads. Some essential part of common sense.


Like this couple. What the hell could his explanation be? She has an itch there??



And this fellow here, also shopping.  Looking like he just got through a surgery. Who let him in?




Yup, those are indeed sanitary pads.




Shawn the sheep here needed a stroll.




I dont know. I really do not know. And whatever is going on here, i probably do not need to know.




This woman should be given a medal for patriotism. Then she should be locked up for treason or something.




Moving on…




Yea, strike the perfect pose. On the shelf. I’m waiting to see this at Shoprite soon.



This guy here just redefined flashy. The villagers must admit that he has arrived.




This kid’s gonna playfully kill herself. Mum hasn’t seen this in the movies? Somebody call child services.



 I dont know if this was photoshopped or the universe is really pissed. It should be.



This picture taken in 1937 shows a Baby placed in a cage outside the window of an apartment, why? to ensure it gets enough sunlight.

Yea, sunlight. Like they couldn’t go for a stroll or something. The effort put into making that suspended cage (which i think is a work of genius) could have made a fairly appropriate stroller. The parents are probably circus acts and were secretly getting the kid adapted to hieghts. Who knows.

And check this one out. One man refuses to perform a Nazi salute in 1936.

Amazing! I would’ve loved to shake his hand. But whatever became of him? As he showed his defiance in the midst of hundreds of people. He must have gone through a tough time after this.
He must’ve been really stubborn. His mum must’ve had a hard time with him. But look how he turned out. A true one man opposition party.

On the Titanic, the four smokestacks that have become so famous, and associated with the ship. But guess what? the fourth one didn’t even work!

It was totally just for decoration. Just a useless ad on, like Superman’s cape. Similar to the first arm of the Nigerian government.


And there’s Kittiwat Unarrom, an artist from Thailand, who creates loafs of bread in the form of various human body parts. Is this art? And how are we certain those are not actually human body parts? But what’s really weird is that people go out and buy these!



And this. This is a mix of genius. With a  dash of stupidity.

Make that two dashes of stupidity.


Then there’s this…



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