Friends?..think again.

The new year is here. This year, spend more time with family, its important. And friends too. Friends, hmm. You know what they say about friends, ‘you want them but you want to hang them after you’ve got them.’ Ok, that’s not the saying but you get my drift, you can’t live with them and sure as hell can’t live without them. Friends are like women, can’t live with them … already used that line. You probably hung out with friends on New Year’s Eve, fun huh?
But, friends come in categories; the True friends, the bed bug friends and, of course, the unfriendly friends.
You must be able to correctly identify these so you know what to do in this new year. Let me see if I can help.

The True friends are the ones who got your back all the time. Who remember you in their prayers (assuming they ever pray), who never stop encouraging and edging you on to greatness.
Those who try to bail you out of whatever mess you happen to find yourself in, even at their own detriment.

Not because they have the wherewithal but just cos they are friendly friends. True friends. These are rare.

Now the bed bug friends. These lot only make contact when they see you looking all juicy.

Like when you post a photo of yourself at some fancy restaurant, a holiday destination or in some ride – such as a rollercoaster ride – but I was referring to a car. These people will be like “hey Joe, been a while, how’ve you been? Just thought of you and said to holla“. They want to be a part of your recent success and very likely tap in on it. ‘Tap’ being too subtle, more like ‘cash’, yea, cash in on it. And if you aren’t smart enough to see the connection with the photos then you get a “Lets keep in touch bro“. And before you say Adam Sandler, you’re getting a “how about Friday night at my place, or yours or at Sam’s Barbeque?”.

The least on the list is… Wait, that was cool right there wasn’t it, I mean the ‘least on the list’ line? Awesome stuff.

The Unfriendly friends.

These ones, evil. Picture the fellow in your wedding or birthday photo who was obviously faking the smile. Yup that’s one! The one who sang Auld Lang Syne with you but not with you, get  it? They are always close to you but never have your interest. They’re just there, hovering, monitoring your progress level, asking you personal questions hoping for answers that’d satisfy their wicked desire. These are the ones that are an asset to your enemies. They are the intermediaries, the frenemies.

I’ve got two or three True friends, half a dozen bed bug friends, and a truckload of unfriendly friends. How many of each you think you got? Think again. But hey Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you. 1 John 3:13

Happy New Year! =D


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