Rethinking Life

kills both mind and spirit

I taught my kids to QUESTION AUTHORITY, and to never do what ANYONE told them to do, if it felt WRONG to them.  If people are taught to OBEY, it’s difficult for them to say “no” to those who would use them, harm them, or drag them down.

Freedom is the opposite of conformity.  Parents, institutions, churches, schools, GOVERNMENTS and societies teach and expect conformity from those they wish to CONTROL.   Conformity destroys CREATIVITY and freedom itself.

CONFORMITY is a jail we live in, without realizing it.  To break out of our cells, we need to QUESTION OUR OWN BELIEFS.  We need to ask ourselves WHY we do the things we do.  Once we understand that we have been conditioned and brainwashed to OBEY and conform, without even thinking about it, we can break the chains of our jailers and live our lives…

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