The ship’s Ship

I know of ships being used to transport a whole range of stuff. But I didn’t expect ‘a whole range of stuff’ to include other ships as well.
Checkout this ship here:

Awesome huh? And you know what? They don’t carry a single ship, its many ships at the same time!

Now just take a look at that!

Blue Marlin (name of the ship) is a semi-submersible heavy lift ship designed to transport other ships and rigs above its deck. It is equipped with 38 cabins to accommodate 60 people, a workout room, sauna and swimming facilities
The U.S. Navy hired the Blue Marlin from Offshore Heavy Transport to move the destroyer USS Cole back to the United States after the warship was damaged by an Al-Qaeda suicide bomber attack while anchored in the port of Aden, Yemen.

Amazing stuff!

Photograph by Dan van Spronsen

Now I get it when the news says “ so vessel has just been delivered to so so..”. Or maybe they don’t always mean this. They probably meant this:

Or these?



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