The misplaced ‘r’.

You all know that beautiful song by Shania Twain. I know a host of girls who would do anything for that song (and anything when the song is playing too). That in your arms song, what’s it called? Forever and for always! Since the first day I heard that song, a very long time ago, I noticed, and often giggled at the idea of pronouncing ‘arms’ as ‘rarms‘. It wasn’t the first time I was hearing it being said, also in everyday speech, but it was hilarious in that song (at least to me) as I kept playing back the track and emphasizing the “in yourarms” as i sang along and laughing my head off.
There’s also the “foreverand foralways” in the chorus of the same track. Hehehehwee!

And “..when I look into your ‘reyes‘..” is another line very many artists have used over the years. Remember Tuface Idibia used this line in African Queen?

And there’s Fleetwood Mac’s “you can go yourown way”.

A host of musicians and everyday people use these new words. But its not a bad thing at all o. Its just funny when you notice it. Funny to me, maybe not to you. And if its not funny to you please get off my blogpost now, leave now! lol…The mispronunciation stems from having the ‘r‘ at the end of the previous word, usually ‘your‘. This ‘r‘ sound is often carried over to the beginning of the next word because, well, there’s no time for a break in the line. Its neither an error nor is it a forgivable mistake, its just a, … just a misplaced ‘r‘.
These are the two musicians I can remember right now, you wanna help out with some more?


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