Bluetooth: History of name & logo

I just discovered that the name Bluetooth was borrowed from the 10th-century, second king of Denmark, King Harald Bluetooth who was famous for uniting Scandinavia. He got the name Bluetooth as his teeth were stained blue from eating so many blueberries. Much like what Zobo does to your teeth. But Zobo, on the other hand, stains ones teeth red, of course. I don’t want anyone coming out later to say Dayo said… anyway.

Harald Bluetooth was the Viking king of Denmark from 958 to 970. He was famous for uniting parts of Denmark and Norway into one nation and converting the Danes to Christianity. And that’s what Bluetooth does, it unites. It doesn’t convert though. No, wait, it does. The Bluetooth earpiece converts a perfectly sane human into a lunatic talking to himself in public.

And get this, the Bluetooth logo actually is the initials of Harald Bluetooth written in Scandinavian runes.

Cool! I wish I had my name in runes. Oh wait, I do, ᛞᚫᛃᛟ, Cooool!


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