And on to Hollowman

RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center at Osaka University have moved a step closer towards making Hollowman a reality, thanks to a new technique that renders the rodents so transparent they’re nearly invisible. At first, the researchers were able to make translucent mice organs. See the image showing the kidney, liver and pancreas on the path toward near-invisibility:

“It allowed us to see cellular networks inside tissues, which is one of the fundamental challenges in biology and medicine,” Kazuki Tainaka, first author of the paper, said in a news release. He forgot to mention that it would allow them achieve Hollowman in the very near future. Its in his file somewhere.
There’s a mice nearing invisibility:

Scarily cool huh?

Hiroki Ueda, who led the research team, was quoted as saying. “It could lead to the achievement of one of our great dreams, organism-level systems biology based on whole-body imaging at single-cell resolution.” And Hollowman! they keep forgetting to add that.
Now they say the process won’t work on living creatures but of course, pretty soon it will. And then they’ll tag it “a giant step in Science” or whatever.

Source: Huff Post

Hey Hollow! What have you got to say about this?

I see, it does make you feel rather empty inside doesn’t it?


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