Type amen, stupid!

Was scrolling down my Facebook page in relative peace when I bumped into this.

So what did I do? Nothing! I just stared at it. Why? Cos i’m not stupid that’s why. So this Jesus has to come on Facebook, show us his cool side burns, then ask us to “type amen” before he can bless us? I don’t get it. Type amen to what exactly??
No prayer whatsoever.
And you know what pissed me off some more? Folks were typing ‘amen‘, amazing. Now i’m not saying these folks are stupid. But they’re close. As close as the ‘t‘ is to the dot. So why do folks always fall for this type amen pictures? Its not like Jesus is on Facebook, or even on the internet is he? Cos I saw one Jesus in… , actually I have seen many types of Jesus on the internet; the one with longer hair, shorter beard, some moustache, no moustache, nice looking side burns (like this one), no side burns, beady eyes, huge eyeballs etc.
All this many types of Jesus need your amen. Though the prayers rarely get answered. Hell, you prayed and nothing happened. What guarantees that your typed ‘amen’ will get an Ok?

And by the way, which of these Jesuses are we celebrating at Christmas? I like this one up there though.


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