Re: Dwindling oil Price: A blessing in disguise

I read an article that was written on Monday, 1 December, by Nwobodo Chidiebere, titled Dwinding oil price: A blessing in disguise. I would love to share my thoughts on it.
While I think the man made perfect sense I just wonder if he is aware of the people he just tried to address. The writer of that article showed his positive spirit. He showed brains, he should be president. But the writer is from a country whose leaders are totally inhumane. An ex-convict is going to win a senatorial election in 2015. Another ex-convict is a political godfather. That’s the nation whose leaders he’s advising. A country that has made such a mess of itself that i’m surprised we haven’t featured on World’s Dumbest. He stated in his article that there were efforts (or do I just call them moves) by the present administration to reduce the ration spent on recurrent expenditure from 74.4 percent in 2011 to 71.5 percent in 2012 and further to 67.5 percent in 2013? And what happened eventually? Didn’t it just rise again to 74 percent in 2014? Sir you too look at it na. These people don’t care, except for themselves. If they don’t care for lives being lost to terrorists by the hour they will care for little ol’ economy? They gave us a 70s train in 2014! Their personal accounts can finance the budget of whole countries. A bunch of extremely wealthy individuals who just got richer, thanks to the new exchange rates will not make adjustments. They have bought island from The World in Dubai. The same oil built Dubai! All of its magnificence. Their oil has been predicted to dry up in 2016, ours will flow beyond that. With their oil they have built unbelievable splendor. With ours, similarly unbelievable decay. They have estates everywhere, they’re seeking to buy plots on the moon now (if they haven’t already). They dont even see us. Stephen Oransaye’s Committee came and went like many other committees. The report has probably gone through a shredder. And didn’t somebody say even if oil price falls to $60 we are ready?

Sir, such beautiful and sensible pieces shouldn’t be addressed to ugly insensitive individuals. This giant is fast asleep and the opportunity the oil price slump has presented will pass us by.


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