It is, No it isn’t! What gives?

I grew up learning that there are five Vowels in the English language: A E I O U, and i’m sure you were taught same. But three days ago, while listening to this radio program that tried to teach kids English (using a teacher with big pronunciation issues) i heard the teacher say “A E I O U and sometimes Y“. I was like wait one minute! Really? ‘Y’ Since when did the letter ‘Y’ join in? I never heard a “sometimes Y” before o. I know that many languages of North America happen to have a four-vowel system. But Y in English? Well…
So I racked on that till I decided to visit my trusted buddy, Google, who knows alot of stuff about stuff. Dang, she was right! There is a “sometimes Y“.

Then I got pissed. When will this people make up their minds on what is and isn’t?
First there were nine planets in the solar system, then one was kicked out. I had a hard time explaining that to some students i was interacting with sometime last year. Then there were six classes of food, now they’re seven. There used to be four oceans, now they’re five. Like the earth is gaining weight or something. Even the whole three states of matter thing is an error apparently. There are like half a dozen states of matter. I just realized i don’t know what state Dark Matter is.

This whole thing has got me confused.
Y’all have a Merry Christmas though. Lets hope they don’t change the date. Wait, maybe they should, I’m not ready!


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