Of Pastors and Time…and me

I was in church today, I really didn’t feel like it and I probably should’ve followed my heart. I was getting uncomfortable while the pastor took his time to preach. He really did take his time; taking long pauses, saying ehm too many times etc. He had much earlier promised to close the sermon in two minutes time. Why do preachers do that? Does it not amount to a lie if you don’t keep to your words? And truly, some of these preachers don’t intend to keep their promise whenever they say “we will soon close” or “let me quickly wrap this up” or “our time is far spent, let me give one last point“. The churches having several services every Sunday are about the best. They have little choice but to keep to time.

To kill my boredom, I did what every bored church member would do, no, not doze off, Social Media! I went online to checkout what my other friends were up to. But of course I knew they would be in church as well and not bother with the internet, except they were bored and needed to checkout what their friends were up to.

I couldn’t find posts from friends and so I decided to make a post of my own:

“So, it was exactly 37 minutes ago when this pastor said in the exact words “we have two more minutes..”.

And whomp! two friends appeared with Comments and likes..lol
But the trouble started when a third friend commented that the pastor was being led by the spirit to which I replied “yea, spirit of untimeliness“.

I really should not have responded like that. Not because I feel it was wrong but because now my Whatsapp has come under fire.

Words like

You’re playing with Hellfire.
Shame on you Dayo

And even the ever popular
Touch not my anointed that somehow doesn’t fit into this situation was sent to me.

Oh, by the way, that “You’re playing with hellfire” really pissed me off. The fellow probably didn’t realize that maybe, just maybe hell is the place to be.

So once again i’m stuck with hot gullibilty. But what gave me fulfillment was the fact that I discovered the other folks on the internet, who were supposed to be in church. hehehee!


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