Of the twin Brothers who became dads on same day!

Get this, Jeromme and Jarelle are twin brothers who have become dads on the same day at the same hospital by the same midwife after their partners gave birth on Monday November 24th to baby boys! WHOA!

What are the odds of that?

The twins, according to UK Mirror became fathers within a few hours of each other when their sons were born at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton in the early hours of that day.
More amazingly, both babies were born in the same water pool in the same room. Did I mention by the same midwife?

Jeromme, who works in a sports shop, said: “We knew that our partners were both given the same due date, but we just never expected the births to be really on the same day.”

Now, both UK Mirror and the twins are keeping something from us. Or maybe just the twins. What really happened nine months ago? Jeromme must have said to Jarelle, “hey, ama hit it tonight, make sure you do too. Don’t act like the last time, make sure this time, at 8:15, you hit it!” and Jarelle was like, “hey scratch that, this time, ama hit it and nine months from now we gonna be famous!” then he must’ve scratched his head when he asked “what about the midwife and same delivery room thingy?”  to which Jeromme replies, “relax bro, I’ll think something up“.

Alex Donohue, from Ladbrokes bookmakers, added: “This is so rare. The odds of it happening are at least 150,000 – 1.”  Wow!


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