They do, for a while.

I found this interesting post on my facebook timeline:

She said to me;
Take this N20,000 for your up-keep.
Take this T-Shirt, i bought it at the mall yesterday, its worth N7,500. I don’t have much but I also bought you a phone (iphone 6) since you haven’t had a phone for two weeks now. Pls, don’t reject it. Well, i also bought you N2,500 MTN recharge card for your internet subscription and N100 Airtime for calls.
You celebrated your birthday some days back, so take this Parcel. I opened the parcel and found Boxers, Sneakers, Gucci Belt, NY face cap, Rolex watch, singlets and …

Yea yea, we get it, you found alot of cool stuff, lets move on.

Lastly, she told me; pls get ready we’re going out to the cinema. Take this N5,000 for our tickets. Just act like you’re taking us out. Don’t reject my offer!

That ended there. So the fellow who made the post asked this question:

As I was thinking “Yes, they do” I saw a comment which read: “Na now them exist pass“. Meaning there are more of these type of ladies these days.

I was puzzled. Though this comment was similar to mine, it did have an undertone. And I got that undertone and laughed hard. Do you get it too? Let me break it down. Though there are a few ladies who are indeed caring and do provide for their men, there’s only one reason a lot of other ladies would be into such show of affection: Marriage.

Let me show how caring I am and then he’ll marry me. Then I can go back to being normal.

This is how many ladies all around the world reason these days, true? So yea, my answer to his question: they do, for a while.


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