Is the reverse always the case in this land?

For years, economists, activists, professionals and even ordinary citizens have clamoured for a diversification of the Nigerian economy. For years, the Nigerian government have ignored the warning. Enter this present government that promise to be the game changer, the government that promised fresh air but instead made available a still, poisoned one. The stance they took has made them worse off.
How long does it take to do the right thing? How long?
Now, let’s just assume that this crop of leaders are too .. slow in the head (which isn’t far from the truth) to figure stuff out. Too slow to understand how government should be run. Too slow to come up with ways for the fresh air to flow in. So can’t they hear the callings that should shake them back in place? Ok, let’s assume again they have pairs of corks probably made of wads of cash clogged in their ears. If their ears don’t work and their brains don’t either, how about their eyes? Can’t they see the hardship in the land. Can’t they see beyond Aso Rock and PDP and Abuja?
Ok, let’s again assume that they have been blindfolded, with wads of cash yet again taped over their eyes. Aren’t they but human; flesh and blood, with natural inclinations to make standards better? The dumb can hug. The deaf can shake hands, and the blind can laugh. Haven’t we seen or heard of people with all three deformities still living fulfilling lives? if somebody without arms can paint several stunning pictures, if a man without hands and feet can improve the lives of people around the world, what’s with our potbellied leaders that possess the wherewithal and much more? Even a mad woman takes care of her kids.?
You know I was taught that when a person loses one of their senses that that person’s other senses are boosted. Is the reverse always the case in this land?


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