“No sleeping tonight” lol

On my way to a remote part of Liberia for some shooting (i’m referring to cameras not guns), we zoomed past a girl with the inscription on the shirt she had on saying ‘No Sleeping Tonight’. Matter of factly, I had no idea what it meant. But my mind delved into the many forms that that line has been expressed in. A string of lewd music lyrics carry that line.
My problem with that is they actually do sleep. Usually after a few minutes sef. You sing a raunchy song about how you can go “all night long” but end up dozing off after thirty minutes, or less. You are so fast asleep that your photos gets taken many times from different angles with the flash on and the camera sound clicking away. But you’re long gone and only awake to folks calling you saying “guy, you don see your picture for Linda ikeji?”.

No sleeping tonight, my butt! The girl was long gone by the time I wanted to give her one last look. I hope she doesn’t get fooled with that same line.


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