I’ll do good in a morgue

Apparently, I didn’t think that title through. Its not sending the intended message. I mean to say that I would fair pretty well in a morgue. No, wait, I mean… argh!
If I ever get a job at a morgue, i’ll never show the expected fright and usual slide into unconsciousness that newbie’s exhibit. Aha, you get it now. Not that i have any experience working at a morgue sha. This is why I believe I can do pretty good in one: I have observed how relaxed i am around open caskets. Morbid huh? I get eerily close (close enough to touch the casket without stretching an arm) and i don’t get shivers. So I figured, if I can do this with corpses of people I never met when they were alive (in many of the cases) what stops me from being normal around corpses of folks I used to know.
So yea, if there’s vacancy at a morgue near you where they pay by the hour, in hundreds of dollars, i’m game. You already seen my resume


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