Nao da day is o ova!

I was on Twitter tonight when I bumped on a tweet by Tosyn Bucknor where she reminded me … well, us, of the song we used to sing at 2 p.m every weekday after school. She went on to ask a very funny but true question: What kind of day was that?
So true! What kind of day was over at 2 p.m? If we, at that time, were to give an answer to that question we definitely would’ve screamed “an awesome day!” and throw in the “we are H. A. P. P. Y!” song.
Those were indeed awesome times. Remember the many versions of the song? I could swear i recall a classmate sing:
Nao da day is o ova
Sa bi sabi sa
Anto bi da chineke
Nao da day is gone.

And the very popular verse two which went thus:
Glory to the fa-ather
Glory to the son

and once again
Anto bi da chineke
Nao da day is gone

But remember that the awesomeness was quickly quelled by the new ‘Afternoon lesson” idea. Yea, dreadful.

This didn’t only ruin our chances of catching up with Voltron and Jimbo, it ensured that we remained in class while our collective souls were in front of the television sets in our various homes. After we were given false hope and made to come on the assembly ground as the time-keeper used up all his might ringing the bell continuously for what seemed like a full minute, after we were made to sing “now da day is o ova”, we were then supposed to return to our unpacked bags hanging on the sides of our chairs, ready (not exactly) for the second second-half of school. The first second half was right after long break, remember? Lesson note slapped onto desktops one by one by each frustrated pupil as we waited for the incredibly energetic class teacher to step in.
Ours were better. I felt sorry for the ones who still had to wait for extra lesson, or the ones whose lesson teachers would arrive shortly after they got home.

Not even Square One or Bright Sparks for these lot.
I miss those good old days. But now that I think of those times I wonder why we had to sing that song when it was obvious the day wasn’t o-ova.


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