Of Seminars, Food & the Common Man

I have tried to understand it but no, its beyond me. How do a bunch of rich people organise a program ‘for the benefit of the common man’ (which usually never impacts the society or common man) only to spend a large part of the cost of organizing such a program on food. Rich people, who are not often hungry for the simple fact that they eat what and when they want. Its hard to be hungry when you can afford whatever kind of food at whatever time.
Just picture a seminar, luncheon or any random event involving dignitaries.

Ok, no need to picture it, its up there for you to view. How reasonable is it to gather money-bags together, talk very briefly on the important stuff, spend considerable time on comedy and music and then the rest of the time they’re having dinner. Dinner fit for kings – that they are.
But you know what? Most of this food is usually not eaten, not even touched. I know because I have been to such events and yes, i eat my food. There’re usually average Nigerians in these gatherings and let me add that they don’t eat averagely, they chow down! These lot are aware that the ogas won’t eat so they eat for the ogas.
For the ogas in question, the rich folks, the food is placed in front of them and is stared at until cold, then they take a sip of the bottled water (that some of them must’ve brought in), help swipe away any flies–that some prefer to watch for sheer entertainment–and then leave. Food’s left on the table gaping at the ceiling. Who eats the food? The caterers and the ushers, the cameramen, the cleaners and even the security personnel. The excess is then stuffed in plastic bags and hurled to the various homes of these contract staffs.
Why then is there an Item Number Seven? Oh, maybe these people are the much talked about ‘common man’ that such programs are held for.


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