Where are the Science Fairs?

I don’t know about you but I am tired of watching people sing. Yea, we have abundant talent in Nigeria when it comes to singing, the point has been made. The point was made years ago. It is well known that Nigeria has abundant talent; there’re people inventing stuff, building cars that run on generators, generators that run on urine,… helicopters! Where are the shows to show case these people and more?
I really would like to see a young bunch of Nigerians showing off their robots and apps. Where’s that youngman who was featured on Newsline, when Frank Oliseh was the presenter? That youngman who built a miniature remote- controlled tractor and caterpillar? He must be much older now (if he’s still alive), let him be brought forward. Let all those people from that time come on a show. Let that be put on television Where’s the young man that built a tablet some 3 years ago? He was on CNN wasn’t he? Let those people receive national awards and millions in cash prizes.
I’m tired of watching folks in the bush aka jungle doing absolutely nothing but whining about mosquitoes and if the yam is well cooked.
I’m tired of watching organized soft porn in the name of entertainment.
Its fun to watch families dance. But where are the families who collectively created something that their communities and larger societies can say ‘wow’ to? Back flips and cat wheels are not enough, let those families be brought forward.
Do not misunderstand me. I am not against fun and entertainment. In fact, I love fun and entertainment. I’m just against too much of it. It has totally inundated our screen and It makes one (in this case, a nation) lose focus. We don’t have science fairs for goodness sake. Why? We have Trade Fairs, they make Soap and Air fresheners and shoes and stuff. But very few or no inventors that the world should be seeing. Soap and Air fresheners? Its Two thousand and fourteen! The end of it actually. What are we doing in the most populous black nation this side of the galaxy?
In the 80s, shows like Square One, Bright Sparks etc. helped us build a scientific mindset from a very tender age. Now, shows like GUS, Project Fame, Big Brother etc will only serve to make my child and yours want to be like a ‘Millionaire so freaking bad’. Yeah yeah, they had shows like those back then too, but not as inundating as it is today. Now kids are making music and featuring adults. When they should be busy being kids. I don’t want my kid featuring anybody in a song. I would like to see him in a photo holding up a placard alongside another kid from another tribe or clime. You get my drift.
A serious nation would carry a group of teenage girls who successfully ran a generator on urine all around the country on tour. Let other kids from the nooks and crannies be inspired. But no, we want Wizboy to perform in awa skool. The guy who flew the helicopter should be back from a course in an aviation school in China or Russia or wherever by now. He should be given grant and let to blossom. But no, its dancers we’re looking for to sweat in music videos. Entertainment is big business, technological advancement is necessary business.
Wake up Nigeria, Science Fairs, Please!


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