What has Nigeria done wrong?

I was checking out some amazing works of art at a gallery beside the US embassy when … yea, the US embassy in Monrovia is kinda … sorry, back to the matter at hand. Where was i? Oh, yea! The gallery. So there were some really great stuff at this gallery and to tell the truth, too much to take in all at once. From the floor to the ceiling were sculptures, drums, stringed instruments, paintings etc. All fantastic works. I was basking in this ambience of excitement when my eyes caught this…

A not-so-great work. In fact, a less than impressive piece of work. And by the way, that is a huge palm tree. That was what I was thinking when i instinctively – like you must have, assuming you’re an African, looked straight to the point on the map where my country was to be sitting, preparing to get pissed at the bad sketch of the map of Nigeria since I have already seen how terrible other countries have been sketched. But behold, my country wasn’t even on the map! Oh, wait, there it is, we’re sharing a space with Benin Republic. How nice. There’s love in sharing. To think the people remembered to give Lesotho its space. We have suffered o. They actually forgot naija and had to squeeze the name in with Benin. I was gonna ask the gallery attendant but thought against it for some reason I ain’t certain of.

Now there must be a perfectly reasonable explanation for this omission. And I shall attempt to give the explanation. Somebody thought that by 2015 there would be no Nigeria as the U.S predicted, so why bother.

For an entire country to be taken off a continent, two things are involved; the country is either so damn amazing that the people of the other nations insist that that country should be in a better continent, and so decide to elevate them by first taking them off the map. On the other hand, the said country could be so damn much of a bad influence (politically) so stressful a place to live in (economically) and quite worrisome an environment (socially). The Nigeria i have come to know is not amazing. So maybe the guys who came up with this map had the other notion on mind.

So what has Nigeria been doing wrong? Its problem is political, politics in Nigeria has managed to influence every aspect of the country. Her people no longer act normal. And then a sitting senate thought it wise to ask Nigerian youths to desist from defrauding foreigners over the internet. That was a particularly good call, but what about the political games that have been and still being used to defraud these youths and the entire nation? That’s. What we as Nigerians are doing wrong.


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