Coldplay or not to play

I have never really liked Rihanna. When she sang that Sun song it did sound good to my ears but that was where it ended. The only times I search her is concerning her affiliation with the illuminati. That was until recently. I was forced to reckon with Rihanna after the song she did with the greatest group of all time! (yea, I had to scream that out loud) Coldplay. O Coldplay. I love them so. My first encounter with the band was the song Yellow in 2003. Awesome stuff. I soon realized though that as I started to like her I at the same time, started reconsidering Coldplay, the greatest group of all time! as my favourite. Not that the were less preferred to Rihanna, just that I realized they probably have ties with the illuminati too. The video spoke volumes. So now my ‘parachutes, X and Y and viva la vida albums are going into the trash.
Hell no! You didn’t believe that last line did you? Oh, and the second line, you didn’t believe that too, you did?


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