I’m possible? Really??

The most ridiculous motivational writing I’ve seen goes thus: Nothing is impossible. The word itself says I’m possible.

But really, who came up with this and thought it would make everybody all pysched-up? This post is for that fellow.

How does impossible mean I’m possible??? I seriously beg to differ. That word does say “impossible” which clearly differentiates itself from “I’m possible” Do I need to talk about how there’s this –– sign between I and m, or how there’s a space (made by tapping the spacebar, intentionally) between i’m and impossible?

since when did im = i’m ?

Yes, at the stage the world is today, people are in dire need of motivation. So it helps to be one of those who try to soothe people’s aching hearts. But, you want to motivate people? Then do so within the boundaries of common sense. Do not cook up fancy but ridiculous statements that will only help to derail already gullible people.

Dear fellow-who-first-thought-it-up, it wasn’t a good idea. Not from where i’m standing though.

I apologize to everyone who must feel downcast by this revelation. I hate to be the one to burst the bubble. But you see, it was a big, shiny bubble. It was impossible not to want to burst it.


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