Nice one, Linda.

So i finally made out time to read the ‘Real reason Linda Ikeji’s blog was pulled down’ story. I avoided it for so long because i felt whatever it was couldn’t be the real reason. And because the fellow who wanted me to read it also warned me it was long, he lied, it was very long! The post was complete with screenshots of the actual conversation. You can look it up here But, it is long o! I tried hard not to jump paragraphs. Harder not to close the page. At a point i felt like i was holding Linda’s phone and snooping through her chats. I felt like an overzealous amebo.
It was a heart-rendering piece. Anyone with a heart would immediately feel sorry for her. That’s anyone with a heart for nonsense. Indeed, the man in question was rather ‘too hard’ on her — for a lack of expression. He necessitated the pulling down of her blog because, well, Linda, abandoned him. Give me a second to go pee. *ROTFL in the bathroom*

Ok, back to the matter. He did mention a not-so-small matter of taking stuff without permission. Some blogs even came up with blog titles like ‘Google gives Linda her blog back after finding out accusation was false’ Chai!. And I’m just shocked that everybody’s attention has been diverted to the man in question instead of the real reason for this man doing what he did. The taking-without-permission.

In the words of my friend, Michael, when i posited about the level of ignorance of many of my country people, he said, “We (Nigerians) are not ignorant that we are ignorant. We are non-nonchalant, lazy, gullible and evil pointed people, a fickle people.”
That was a rather harsh remark don’t you think? Quite close though, don’t you think? I cannot begin to imagine the level to which sentiments can take us. We forget that plagiarism is the sin here and not ‘he wanted me but I was too busy for him’ that she’s riding on. But I thought issues of these kind was supposed to take Google some one or two weeks to sort out? Oh, well, lover boy did promise to sort it all out in a jify.
Just like politicians do, clearly, somebody utilized the These-people-will-buy-anything technique. Nice one Linda, you played this one well.



2 thoughts on “Nice one, Linda.

  1. I’m still convinced this was a publicity stunt cooked up by Daniyan and Linda. There’s a bigger plan we just have to wait and see.


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