How has my day been? Well..

…last night I was nearly pulverized by this giant of a fellow. He accused me of doing something i had no idea about, and for some reason, he was bent on treating me like a punching bag. It was almost like some politician wanted to teach me a lesson for not minding my business. Though i had my head up and shoulders straight – a sight to make a son proud – i was all jelly inside. Believe me, if i had a tail, you’d see the reflection of my fear, it was gonna be so tucked in, you wouldn’t see the tail. But i wasn’t going to chicken out, no sir! So there i was, my face on his heaving chest, having to endure the breath from his nostrils, the stench from his armpits, the extra stench from his mouth. “what did this fellow eat? Did he exercise before coming here? What can smell like that?”
I had those thoughts just once in quick succession, i had more ‘pressing’ matters all up on my face.
Anyway, that ended with people coming to my rescue and me walking away like i would have killed the guy if he tried anything stupid. But…well…anyway..
Got to my apartment, tried seeing a movie, but of course, you nearly got beat down, nothing can take that thought from your head. I busied myself replaying the event in my head and adding certain things to it, things I couldn’t dare do in real life. The thoughts just inundated my head. It’s almost like Popeye and his Spinach, you can’t stop him from thinking about it. Well, i did say ‘almost like’.
That was last night, i fell asleep and woke this morning to a bad feeling. I wasn’t feeling too good; there was the slight headache, dizziness, and a bit of discomfort. Probably not the kind that Kim Jum Young — or whatever the North Korean leader is called — is experiencing. It felt like malaria to me but to the people around, it sure, like hell, felt like Ebola. Dang! I was getting ‘sorry o’, ‘take drugs OK’, and even what seemed like a hug, all from ten yards away. Suddenly i was a military zone. It was me by my lonesome all day long.
I was actually expecting the Ebola Response Team over at my place with the way the folks kept their distance. But just as i thought “i must write about this, even if it’ll be my last post” i broke into sweat, had to take my clothes off for the heat was getting to me. I began to feel better, normal again. The drugs worked. An overdose those have its advantages. And as i danced out more sweat to the music of Fleetwood Mac, this neighbour of mine stepped in and seeing i was alright, joined in saying over the music “you and your weird music, you’re too weird.”. I was gonna reply with, “you’re not talking about this morning, you thought I was gonna die eh?” …So there’s that


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