Linda: the sore in the sore thumb

Walahi, i didn’t want to comment on the ongoing drama that Ms Linda Ikeji is going through. I just wanted to sit back and watch it unfold. I have many friends who’ve been appalled by this and I really didn’t want to join the bandwagon, not really. I have also found my pieces on someone else’s Facebook wall, someone else’s blog, and a text message i sure as hell came up with was sent to me some months ago, but asides being shocked and informing one or two people, i could do little else. I didn’t want to comment also for one simple reason, her supporters — and there are very many of them — will call me names. Names like bad-bele, attention seeker, wicked, overnight celebrity wannabe, etc. I don’t particularly have a problem with the name-calling per se, hell, I’ve been called worse, its just that I feel for the people who, whilst basking in the ambience of ignorance, point fingers at critics. Now, to me, these are the true bad-beles. They will support you till you are dragged down under. No celebrity really wants that — except the ones blindfolded by plenty of bad-beles of course.
They will tell you its OK to not apologize. They will tell you those people who criticize you do not matter. They will say they are all just jealous of your status and that celebrity status usually attracts a huge pile of jealousy. They will tell you to look around and see how thousands of other people are doing it. (Not realizing that you probably had a hand in convincing those people that it was alright to take someone else’s work and pass it as your own)
Usually, an equally ignorant personality agrees with these notions. Usually, they suffer or it. I believe she wouldn’t have been in this mess if a simple apology had come from her. A simple acknowledgement. A simple credit. But no, the bad beles were doing their job really well. Now the name Linda Ikeji, is affiliated with plagiarism. What’s worse than that? Oh, yea, a deleted blog, a possible law suit even. Hopefully, no lawsuits. She must now get the reality of the situation. You do, right, Linda?
I truly want to blame these set of people, the bad beles for this. I do not want to believe that the Miss can be so arrogant as to remain silent for so long. How can one remain silent after people accuse you of such a serious offense that could ruin your reputation?Abi dem dey do you?
I am not a fan of celebrity gist. But you do have thousands of fans, so I don’t matter. But for their sake i ask, Ma’m, get off that high horse. Its too high.

I first became aware of the dangers of plagiarism way back when I was writing my project towards the end of university life. I doubt if I ever heard of the word before then. My professor would warn us not to get all our information online. “Don’t do Copy and Paste for me”, he said. Read as many textbooks and online publications, then form your own article, in your own words. I will know if you copied it.” Though there was always the urge to just grab a few lines, paragraphs or pages straight from the net, it was the feeling of some sort of accomplishment that knowing one did a certain write-up all on one’s own that was the drive to quenching the spirit of Ctrl A and CTRL V. It turned out then that some students proudly showcased their work saying I wrote so so so Chapter by myself. And nobody could buga them.

Fast forward through all those years. I decided — at a time when blogging wasn’t so popular — to setup my own blog, I already had alot to talk about. My Facebook Note page was full and i needed a bigger platform. The urge returned and i succumbed for a while. But i did realize that readers showed more interest in the write-ups that weren’t lifted. So i had to do the needful, the right thing. Even as ‘Entertainment Blogs’ sprung up from all corners with all of them dishing the same post; same title, same photos, same punctuation at about the same time. “its a common thing” wasn’t an excuse for me.


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