Greatest Nigerian songs of all time. Really??

I was shocked when i stumbled upon a site that thought they had super news. Some of the critics of this list who thought some songs were missing from this list actually fumbled while producing their version of the list. The title read Greatest Nigeria’s songs of all time. I just stared at the screen, jaw on my keypad. Awestruck at the unbelievable naivety that was on display.
Apparently, the folks at MTV base think that Nigerian music began in the early 2000s. These folks compiled a ‘list of nigeria’s greatest songs of all time’ only thing is, it isn’t. That list is an embarrassment. What nation accepts such misrepresentation?

Let me thank Olayinka Afolabi for this list of our Nigeria’s greatest songs of all time. Afolabi was once a radio presenter back in Ilorin and he blessed us with these beautiful tunes from way back. Many of us his listeners still haven’t forgotten the experience some 10 years after. I will be adding a few of my personal favorites as well. The musicians that MTV base didn’t figure were good enough.
The songs sung by:
Rex Lawson
Bobby Benson
Prince Nico Mbaga
Osita Osadebe
Victor Uwaifo
Orlando Owoh
Ebenezer Obey
Ralph Amarabem
Celestine Okwu
Victor Olaiya
Sunny Ade
Paulson Kalu
Bustic Kingsley Bassey
Sikiru Ayinde Barrister
Fela Anikulapo Kuti
Ayinla Omowura
Fatai Rolling Dollar
Orlando Julius
Rex Lawson
Onyeka Onwenu
Femi Kuti
Majek Fashek
Ras Kimono
Sonny Okosun
Mike Okri
Oritz Wiliki
Kris Okotie
Bright Chimezie
The Mandators
Dan Maraya Jos
Oliver de Coque
Felix Liberty
Edna Okolie
Kayode Fashola
Christy Essien Igbokwe
Alex O
James Iroha

The list of Nigeria’s greatest songs is almost endless. There’re equally amazing songs from Lagbaja, Jesse King etc. I’ll end with Afolabi’s line. It is an insult to such legends. to compile a list of 20 greatest nigerian songs of all time with songs like kukere, yahooze, do me, damiduro and others.I believe african queen will always be one of nigeria’s greatest songs of all time.all other songs on the list have faded away and can never stand the test of time.


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