Of Wishes

Sitting with a friend earlier today who spent a great deal of time lamenting about how his hopes have been dashed and how he wished things would get better for him soon. I felt sorry for him. But we just sat there, without a plan, no next move. I waited for him to say something but he made the wish again.

We know how wishes go, they are stubborn things that just never come to pass.

According to Wiki:
“A wish is a hope or desire for something.”
So that’s all it is, a hope, a desire. So that means that if one doesn’t act towards physically experiencing that desire or thing hoped for then expected results are seldom manifested. Wishing upon a star doesn’t work. I bet some of you know that by now. Thousands of stars will fall but if you don’t get off of your butt and work, then my friend, your wish will remain just that, a wish.
Wishes only come true when we make them come true. The reality is that we are the ones in control of our lives, our destiny. The thing about wishes, they don’t do anything, they don’t cause anything, asides maybe a waste of one’s precious few seconds.

There’re several proverbs attributed to wishes:
“If wishes were fishes we’d all swim in riches”

“If wishes were fishes, we’d all cast nets.” – Frank Herbert

if wishes were fishes and cattle were kings, the world would be full of wonderful things “ — Wordsworth Dictionary of Proverbs.

And the ever popular 16th century English proverb goes “If wishes were Horses, beggars would ride.”

Wishes are not enough. Even God wished above all things that we prosper in good health. But that isn’t the case, is it?

I wish the world would rid itself of evil people so that wishes wished upon would at least be wished in peace. Now, isn’t that just wishful thinking?


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