Follow Back…or else

You must’ve observed that people now add ‘Follow back’ to their twitter handles. What’s the reason? A craze to get followers who’d follow you only if they get assurance that you’d follow back. That to me does not make any sense. Is it a platform for the race to gather more followers or is Twitter a social media platform for sharing ideas?

Twitter Twitter Twitter.
I have been on Twitter for some 4 years now, and I’d be lying if I said I fully understand it.

“You must share your thoughts in 140 characters? What is this, an online text message service?”

Talk about enforcing the sublime art of Summary.
Anyway, that was the first question I asked myself after my buddy Gbenga Olorunpomi successfully forced me onto the Social Media site. At the time, I was enjoying Facebook he only had recently forced me onto as well. Little did I know that these were platforms on which all my…pardon me, not all…where some of my weirdness, and in some cases, madness, would be unleashed. So, I reluctantly joined Twitter and became bored really quickly as it didn’t seem as fun as Facebook. I basically had to provide an SMS-type post to myself and wait for someone, anyone, to retweet it, quote it, take it out of context, or simply respond with ‘lolz’. In essence, I waited for someone to join in the conversation i had started with myself.
I had to scroll through responses to artists’ tweets as they stretched on and on. Bored with the long threads of ‘i love your track’.Hence, my absence from it for close to a year in the first year.
When I then realized the need to rejuvenate my Twitter account, mainly because at that time all of my Facebook friends were posting their twitter handles 24/7 on my timeline and asking that one ‘follow‘ them, it was abit better. For one, there was more interaction. And there was alot to learn from like-minded people, comedians and ‘did you know’ accounts. There were others who promised to follow you on the condition that you followed them back.
The follow back was easy, it was the regret thereof that caused the pain. I was following folks who didn’t have a damn thing to offer to the larger society. Except news of music releases, and blogs of music releases, and artists with new cars, new houses, sandals and scandals (I hold no grudge with artists, though it’s beginning to look like it), and how they were enjoying the new music releases that were ‘Scattering their heads’ (Now they call it ‘bursting their brains’), whatever that means.

Every once in a while, people like Kathleen Ndongmo, Nicholas Ibekwe, Omojuwa, Tobi Amoo, Elnathan and some others would make me feel alive. At other times, well, it was;

‘LOOK: Nick Cannon slapped a cow. Can you slap a cow?’ or ‘PICS: Tiwa Savage eats amala with a spoon. How do you eat your amala?’ or ‘Toolz wore that dress. What was she thinking?’ or OMG Iyanya exposes abs. Sexy. SEE PHOTOS

These I have qualms with, but not as much as i have for statements like:
Must i ask u to ffbk??
Ffbk now!
I’m ff u now, ff me too!
And the really sad
Plssssss ff bak I love your song

Its all just ridiculous! begging people to follow them, to what end? What do they stand to gain from following you on Twitter? Do you share health, security, traffic tips? Motivational posts for the downcasts, reasonable success tips, or just normal intellectual and recreational babble, even album release or concert dates? OR do you, all day long, post about somebody else’s fabulous life, recycled music, and broken relationships? Oh, and doing all these while pretending to be living the fabulous life by posting one pic of you at The Palms that you managed to take just before somebody called security on you.

Why must they follow you just cos you follow them? You followed them for a reason. So you should give them a reason to follow you. Asides, follow back, or else. Or else what?


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