Amen? More like Nomen!

A lot of people say amen, resounding amens at that, to prayers that, if thoroughly thought through, will get something along the lines of WTF?! Or the ever popular ‘i reject it in Jesus name’ that Nigerians waste no time in spewing from their mouths. I’ve heard a Muslim say that once sef — the ‘i reject it in Jesus’ name’ line. Yea, its that popular.
Moving on. Some prayers should get the preacher beaten up if only the congregation gave the words a deep thought before raising their voices along with their hands in unison.

Prayers like;
God will give you a life that no one will understand.
If nobody understands your life, aren’t you then sorta, I don’t know, Schizophrenic, Cynic, or Psychotic?

Let unspeakable things happen in your life.
This line right there is pure evil! ‘Unspeakable things’? You mean like my life will be so wrecked that you see me and you’re just lost for words?

Let that which hasn’t happened before happen in your life.
Oh, like AIDS? Or Ebola? They hadn’t happened until the 70s.

Your life will never remain the same again.
I always laugh when I hear this. Its the same as
You won’t go back the same way you came. That our preachers often use.
Which suggests that you probably will be half the person you were before. Or that you now have an extra ton of burdens and yokes as you stroll back home.

Brethren, I beseech thee, listen, comprehend and comprehend again before ye yell ‘amen’ at the prayers that thy brethren cast upon thee.


4 thoughts on “Amen? More like Nomen!

  1. And I thought I was the expert in twisting things and words around to make my own little crazy absurd point or better said making the absurd sound the normal….. a good post Diwanna, had to smile while I was reading it.


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