Aliens are coming, we’re expecting them.

Its been a while I blogged about aliens. So lets delve into that now. We all are familiar with movies about alien invasion, from Mars Attacks to Independence Day to Sponge Bob Square Pants. We all know what to expect. Do we? If you are a Christian, well, then yes you are expecting aliens towards the end of the world. If you are a true Christian, then you are infact anticipating their arrival. Oh, you don’t know? But you do know, you just don’t call it an alien invasion, you call it … Wait for it…Judgment day!
Sorry, no spacecrafts. Space horses, yes. Lights, camera…no, no cameras.
Cmon, its not blasphemy. Let me explain if you’d let me. Don’t..please don’t close the page!…lol…that wasn’t me…go ahead, close the page.
Ok guys, let me explain. Picture a multitude of extra-terrestrial beings showing up in our skies, riding on horses. If that isn’t a picture of an alien invasion then I don’t know what it is.
They are not of this world so it automatically makes them alien to us, in other words, Aliens.
And get this, because one of them blows a trumpet doesn’t make him human. I’ve been told trumpets aren’t that hard to make. Any extra-terrestrial can make his — or just buy one on eBay.
They’re coming to take some of us away. That’s an invasion.
And like my friend on facebook once asked, where did they find horses?
Anyway, what intrigues me is their sense if style. These aliens have got it. They’d be wearing robes, not metallic stuff that makes it difficult to move swiftly, assuming one of them gets an itch in the rear. And how do they keep their robes clean? Maybe that’s what the mysterious Black-hole is for; a highly advanced dirt removal thing. It just sucks up all the dirt. There must be a huge laundry business going on in the deep parts of outer space cos these guys will show up in sparkling white attires. All ‘infinite number’ of them.

Well, they’re coming, and we’re expecting them. Except a few who have realized that if something goes on for eternity, its bound to get boring at some point. No matter how beautifully the harp is playing. Imagine four billion Yanni CDs playing back to back. Its bound to get excruciatingly boring.


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