I swear, its good!

I have a habit of swearing whenever I am excited; when i’m happy and when i’m upset. If you were to be standing next to me at any of these times, no matter the location, be it at a party, my house, or in church, all you’d hear will be swift bursts of cussin’ and sometimes, if not most, blasphemy. Yes, i do those, don’t bother preaching to me about how i will go to hell and bla bla, i already know. Haven’t you read about my deliverance that wasn’t?

I can munch on a cake and go “$#@d, this tastes so (-;•%”% good!

I could be watching a movie and something awesome happens, then i go &€]>*, that was &@f*€!

And when I’m angry? Oh my “;’f/! god. You don’t want to “$)”#@ be by me when I am %)(&-•/¿‰, it could be really ‰@#¿.

I’m not exactly sure how i picked it up, from an uncle who enjoyed cussin’ or from too many movies while growing up.
So I was indeed !’xfsk%( when I read an article on Psychologicalscience.org with the title Science of Swearing that said People who swear a lot are more loyal, upfront, and honest with their friends and family.

Well, c&=[=/fx that! Now I get it! I am just this really nice, honest, friendly, loyal guy who has to prove it by swearing. I get it now


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