Of the Poop and Look Rule

Well, for my mostly western readers, this could be abit of a disgusting read. So you’d want to read my ‘About‘ page before proceeding
And for those who are already used to me, you know this is how I roll. Or in this case, slide.

A survey gathered that a high percentage (don’t ask the percentage) of people in America flush their toilets while still sitting on it. I believe this is so simply cos the people do not want to see what they’ve..you know.. done. They want to get up and find an empty, glittering toilet bowl if their eyes happen to wander towards the object. You know how curious our eyes get.
But really, why would anyone want to look at their own poop?
Well, in Africa, and Nigeria where I’m from, there is a practice, though may be largely unintentional, where people (not all people there), just before they flush the toilet, take a look at their..you know.. business. Its almost reflex. You just get up, turn around, face down at what you’ve done.
Its for many different reasons people do this, I have come to realize;
there’s the checking out the color reason,
the checking out the size reason,
the “whoa, that was me!” reason,
the “what did I eat?” reason, and
the Lemme just look reason.

No matter the reason, they then think about — and talk to themselves about — what they’ve seen.
Almost everyone does it, like its some rule. Who came up with this rule? I’d say our mothers, from our grandmothers. They can determine if you’re sick, getting sick, or will be sick just by staring at your poop. They can tell you to start or stop eating a particular food. They can tell your hydration level. All by staring at your poop! And in some cases, ….anyway, lets just drop the matter.

Did you catch that? ‘drop the matter?
… #wink


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