Liberia, Ebola and Truth

Liberian ambassador to the UK just told several lies and half-truths about the Liberia government’s response to the Ebola epidemic. That was on BBC. He said the government were making attempts to provide safety nets but that like all nets, there are holes. Attempts my butt! And why do they always blame the civil war? That was 10 years ago! He mentioned that the civil war ruined the nation’s health sector.
And the Defense Minister said “the very existence of the country is at stake”. How interesting, people still seem to be going about their businesses (what’s left of it) and are getting fed up of all the noise and little action. Many already insist the whole situation is becoming annoying. Preventive measures are still being taken though. These is all despite that the government has painted a gloomy picture of the situation in Liberia.
By the way, scores have died from malaria, typhoid, or flu, but all are tagged Ebola victims. Within this past week, a drunk elderly man died in Red light. A lady died in Royal Plus, Mawata, she was raped by several men. In both cases, the Ebola response team zoomed in, sprayed the bodies with chemicals and put them in plastic body bags. Even as residents insisted the cases were falsely tagged.
Now, there are also cases of people dying in their sleep, I have heard of four so far. There have been reports of kidnappings, and rumors that churches in Monrovia are about to be shut down. I sincerely hope its all a rumor. We woke this morning to talk of poisoned table salt and sugar being sold in the market. The deaths that this will cause will definitely be blamed on Ebola.

The people know the truth. But the world, do they?


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