The Bible Purse

Everybody knows the bible contains the word of God, but not everybody knows that some bibles also contain a few extra stuff like, passport photos, receipts, cash, handbills, etc.
You might not know about this but people do use their bibles for things other than the scripture. 

During my growing up years i knew about a bible my Dad kept in his wardrobe, it was the little, blue, Gideon’s New Testament bible. He still owns it, though i have never seen him read from it. He had another bible that lacked a back cover. It was huge with bold letters that the blind could read. That was Dad’s bible. The smaller one was Dad’s purse, his money, scrap paper, I.D cards, Tickets, and recently, his ATM card are all to be found in there. The bible has puffed up on the outside to create more space on the inside. Back then when the devil whispered in my ear to go take some of Dad’s money with the agreement that I would pay it all back someday in the future, I often felt uncomfortable cos the cash was folded up right there between God’s words. The devil always won for he was often more convincing, all that the other softer voice could come up with were Hell and on occasion, thunder-strike, which were so unlikely. “Hell is a long way off” the devil often said, “you will pay him back before that time. And thunder? Ah ah, with all the Physics you’ve learnt, is it possible for thunder to strike you in this weather?”
So yeah, the money became mine. It was usually such an amount that Dad wouldn’t notice.

But i have digressed too much.

I used to think it was something only my dad did. You know, keeping certain items in a bible. But in a vehicle enroute Ikoyi, i saw on the dashboard, my Dad’s bible. The driver apparently had thesame use for it.


On another occasion, at a house I was at, there it lay on the shelf, my Dad’s bible. So now i’m guessing its more common than I thought.


Have you guys seen these bible purses?


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