The big Question: Is there a God?

As a kid my dad used to, on Sundays, during the Shola Rotimi specials, drag our attention to a line in the song that said
“Some people say Music is the way,
Some people say juju is the way,
Some people say there is no God at all”.
I’m pretty certain I didn’t get the exact words but i’m certain of the message though, I got that. There was this other man, with tribal marks i used to think he got fighting tigars, who sang about how people who have found riches or who have been in it all there lives usually insist there is no God. This is believable too cos yes, what do rich people want from God that they don’t already think they have? Except in nigeria where everyone, including the rich, show a belief in God. Like i said, show.

Yesterday I stood by a man, a poor-looking man. The deep lines on his face seemed like they’ve been there a long time and was now a part of his identity. He looked at peace yet troubled.
I just came out a luxury hotel where I had a meeting with a wealthy but clearly stingy would-be client. So there we were at the bus stop waiting for anything on wheels to salvage us from the never ending downpour that Liberia is cursed blessed with. The rich guy waved and blew his horn as he drove past. Just as i mumbled “your father!”, the man by me spoke, he said, “all these rich people don’t care about anyone else, if there was a God, he certainly doesn’t show any care too. Except to these ones that get richer.”
At first I didn’t think he was talking to me but it was just us standing there and he was watching the car drive off so i replied “its the way the world is”. He didn’t respond and all was quiet except for the sound of rain. And of course i had to push for more talk from him so i asked, “you don’t believe in God?”. “My man”, he said, “I have my reservations.”
At this point I thought I was gonna get plenty to write about but he ended it right there, almost as if he knew i was going to post our discussion on the internet and he didn’t like the idea. So as we stood there getting from being wet to drenched to almost thinking of doing some synchronized swimming in the damn pool that was forming at the bus stop, i figured, help really should come to those in need, if not from people then from heaven above where all helpless people look to for strength, peace and blessings. But it rarely comes. Nothing happens unless one acts in a way as to give a desired result. And even at that most times the desired results never comes. When they do come, its a result of our own effort. The poor do not often get the opportunity to put in their effort so there’s usually no desired result. Just day after day of constant struggle. That should be when God will act in all his mercy. But…i guess its abit more complicated than that. And its the complexity that makes poor people ask the same question, is there a God?


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