Like They Really Need To

I don’t know about your corner of the social media sphere but in mine I have observed that one’s posts are widely accepted if it has to do with affluence. Every one of your friends – and foes, want to see sharp, crisp pictures of you, your work, with your friends or your family. Nobody wants grainy photos. Nobody really wants everyday ordinary photos of you either. Except if this includes pictures of you dressed in expensive clothing, makeup, sitting on the hood or at the wheel of a car, at the airport or in an aircraft, hanging out with celebrity, at a mall somewhere or better still abroad – Europe or Dubai, living the good life and showing it off. When you post these photos you might not get so many likes but you will get people’s approval – and envy.
So you find people trying all they can to look like they’re a part of this obnoxious society. Every exquisite place they pass by or manage to enter you find their phones on camera-mode ready to shoot a series of pics in search of that perfect one that best captures the background. In airplanes these days, air-hostesses now allow a window where all the social media wierdos are given the time to snap away and update their statuses. I think it is called the Social Media Window. But, officially, there’s no such thing. You find them looking at you with that smile and soon as you’re done you here “please switch off your mobile device”. In some cases they must’ve helped take the pictures too. It happens at malls, salons and restaurants. At stadiums, bowling alleys and hotel lobbies, in all these places  attendants are part-time camera handlers.
I don’t have qualms with people taking record of their experiences and even posting it. Its with people who do it with intent to show off. Like they really need to.


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