Ebola: The Good Side

I guess you’re wondering how there could possibly be a good side to this Ebola Virus mayhem. Well this is it, since the spread of the disease and subsequent deaths of hundreds of people, a reasonable number of relationships have ceased to blossom physically. I’m still here in Monrovia where like Conakry, Freetown, and now Lagos, sexual relationships have been on the decline. Its almost totally dead in Monrovia. Since i arrived here i observed the number two favorite past-time is infidelity (Number one is alcohol consumption). Almost every single person i have come across is promiscuous. Including folks that hold high positions in churches and mosques. I’m not going to even talk about political office holders and company staff. Married and otherwise, young and old, these people go all the way in satisfying their lust. Its no holds barred out here. A taxi driver once told me women here are cheaper than clothes. And like I have personally experienced, the women will come to you if you delay in going to them, he was right. The pope gatta be careful if he ever needs to come to Monrovia. Which is good.
At the moment though, its every man for himself, so to speak. Even smooching has suddenly become a risk.


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