I was driving along, being driven along actually, a major road headed to the Nigerian Embassy in Monrovia for what i hope will be the last meeting i’ll ever partake in till my departure from Liberia.  We crossed an intersection and just beyond that was this signboard informing the public of a new ‘Pre-kindergarten’ in the area.  Now prior to this i have never heard of pre-kindergarten. Is it like a class before Kindergarten? Well that’s funny cos they already don’t do much in Kindergarten, so they do what exactly in Pre-kindergarten, much more nothing? What age group should be in this pre-kindergarten? Six to 12 months? Babies that should be with mummy?

Is this just a way of milking parents or is it really worth it?

Alot of working-class mummies with little time on their hands must have created this unfortunate necessity.


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