In The Spirit?

So i was singing along to a gospel song playing on the car radio, which is an enigma because I usually don’t sing along to …anyway, this fellow joins us for the ride and immediately says to me “My brother, I see you’re in the spirit. Hallelujah!”
I’m like ‘spirit? Cos i’m singing along to a popular gospel song does not qualify me to be in no spirit. Or does it? Do you have any idea what’s going on in my head as I sing? Its evil, pure evil!
So, how could I possibly be in this spirit you speak of? Please, “my brother” I am not in the spirit’. I am aware that you church people do every thing in the spirit. You talk, walk, greet, cook and yes, i have even seen somebody sneeze in the spirit. It was in the way she made her face while saying ‘Jesus’ as soon as the last of the gush of air and you know what were released into the air. Her hand slightly above her head as if she was offering the sneeze & slime up to heaven. Indeed, she was in the spirit.
But me, i’m in the flesh, where I should be. I think being in the spirit sorta means you’re dead. Spirit, right?
Oh well, i didn’t say all of that to him though, was mostly to myself. What I did say to him accompanied with a smile and a look of meditation was ‘Yes o’. Which is what Church people do.


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